TRAVEL: My Bucketlist

Inspired by Flying the Nest, who are essentially travel, life,and pretty much everything else goals, I’ve decided to put together my own Travel Bucketlist.

As I’m heading off on my Year Abroad next year to Munich, a perfect central Europe location with a great train station, I’m hoping many of the European goals will become reality within the next year or so, but a few others need more time and money than a student has. Better get cracking on that career to afford a few of these beauties.

  • Amsterdam

I will confess, this isn’t inspired by the culture of Amsterdam, the plight of Anne Frank, or the cycling, or even the lenient drug policies. I read The Fault In Our Stars and I want to see that bench. Don’t judge.

  • Prague

A few years ago my nan sent me a postcard with the most beautiful city landscape I’ve ever seen, and Prague has been goals since then. ‘nough said.

  • Scandinavia

I may or may not have concrete plans to visit here in the near future. I’m most excited about Oslo, it being the scene of many of my favourite novels. Such culture, I know.

  • Canada

Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal – I wanna catch them all here. I imagine that it’s like America but cleaner? I look forward to proving or disproving this theory.

  • Egypt

I want to go into a pyramid. That is the entirety of my expectations – everything else will be a happy extra. Apologies for reducing an entire culture to a geometric shape.

  • Singapore

Many friends of mine have lived there, it seems to be the exotic relocation destination of choice for Surrey families. Having missed my chance to visit any of them, I am determined to visit as a happy tourist.

  • Japan

Cherry blossoms, Pokemon stores, and literally a world so different to my Western habits that I feel like I’ll want to stay for a long time.

  • Beijing

I saw it in the Olympics, now I want to see it in person. I’m intrigued to see what a world without social media is like.

  • Iceland

Ever since a Geography project in Year 9 (still waiting to get mine back Mrs Jones, just saying), I’ve been trying to persuade my family to go but my dad’s hatred of the cold and lack of golf courses has prevailed. Now however I am (technically) an adult, so I am resolved to take myself. The pros of responsibility, Cons: I have to pay for it myself.

  • Brighton

Keeping it local now, I’m hoping Brighton can reinstate my love of cities. My dislike for London seems to be countered by Brighton’s coast, kooky shops, and (hopefully) fewer people. I know, friendly as hell, aren’t I.

  • Edinburgh

I really want to go to the Fringe. A British festival of young creative talent? Perf. Sign me up.

To revisit.

They’re too good to only go to once. Or even four times like the US. Or live there like Ireland. Maybe I’m just being greedy.

  • Ireland

I lived there for a brief seven months, but, being only 6 years old, stayed pretty close to home, leaving only to go to the beach or school. I’m dying for a road trip across both Northern and Southern Ireland. British and Irish landscapes are seriously underrated, and you don’t have to worry about weird animals that might kill you. I’m looking at you Australia.

  • The US

I’ve seen New York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, LA, Vegas, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon… and I’m not done. I want Texas, Boston, the central states, and I want to go back to all the places I’ve been to before. Except LA. Overrated.

  • New Zealand

Queenstown is potentially one of my favourite towns in the world and I can’t wait to go back and revisit Fergburger. Here’s hoping that they do veggie. But, as an LOTR fan, I want to include the north in my visit this time round. I’m small enough to be a hobbit – I want to go to Hobbiton. Someone make it happen.

No doubt I have forgotten somewhere crucial, but for now these are the top contenders on my list. Let’s do this.

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