PHOTOGRAPHY: Top Summer Shots

I spent my summer documenting my travels with my new grown-up camera, taking a step up from my iPhone Instagram pics, so I thought I’d group them altogether here to showcase my summer of shooting.

North Laine, Brighton: Having wanted to go to Brighton for years, I finally made it, and was gifted the best weather to go with the day-trip that I could have hoped for. I love this shot because it captures the Lanes’ busy hustle and bustle, and the flags extending into the distance remind me of the summer heat and the colourful expanse of the independent shops and stall that filled the streets.
Ripley Green, Surrey: The reason I like this picture so much is largely the gorgeous subject of it. My family’ Labrador is the smartest dog around, and his confusion and interest in the click of the camera as I first took a candid resulted in this adorable head tilt, and a rare shot of him looking directly into the lens. The aperture brought him into clear focus, and the background contrast with his dark coat is also pretty cool.
The Lanes, Brighton: Once again on my day-trip in Brighton, I came across a small side-street with loads of amazing street art. I love urban art (particularly in Berlin, I can never get enough of that city), so I couldn’t resist taking some shots here. It’s a pretty simple shot, but the variety of the colours is awesome.
My house, Surrey: This picture is far from perfect, as I was still working out how to shoot in low-light (still am) but I still love the contrast between the dusky sky and the blackout trees at the bottom of my garden. The moon also looks tiny here, and the whole shot reminds me almost of a view from a sci-fi movie.
The Royal Route, Warsaw: Sunset is my favourite time of day, especially subtle ones like this one where the sky goes a gorgeous shade of dusky blue, and this shot of the Royal Route, where amazing architecture meets fascinating history, captures the sunset perfectly.
Warsaw: I quite simply just love messing with aperture, and this is a perfect example of me going slightly too far. The extreme contrast between crisp brick and blurred subject is something I was massively proud of at the time, having only just wrapped my head around the impact of the controls.
Warsaw: My ultimate goal for my future house is to have a spiral staircase, probably not a metal one like this, as they’re not particularly aesthetically pleasing for interiors, but I still love the optical sensation of the spiral here. The only thing I wish is that I got the middle post of the stairs in the centre of the shot.
Dyrehaven, Copenhagen: Stumbling across a surprise beach in Denmark, I love how many different aspects there are in this shot. The lighthouse, the rocks, the steps, the sea, the ship: every area of the picture has a different subject, and they balance against each other nicely.
Copenhagen: Once again, I loved messing with the aperture in this, but I didn’t take it quite so extreme. The little patches of nature spotted throughout the city of Copenhagen were gorgeous, and I think the contrast between urban and natural is captured well here.
Oslo: I got all arty and try-hard with this one, waiting for ages for passers by to get out of the way so I could get this astronaut’s outline perfectly matched up with the fountain’s spray. Made me feel like a proper little photographer here.

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