PHOTOGRAPHY: Best Munich Shots – Autumn

Geschwister Scholl Platz, Munich: Whilst waiting for a friend, I practiced night-time shooting by messing with one of my favourite university buildings – the Hauptgebaeude in Geschwister-Scholl Platz. The iconic arches along the front give glimpses of the huge domed rooms inside, and one of the twin fountains along the main university avenue, Ludwigstrasse offers a scenic foreground.
Geschwister-Scholl Platz, Munich: Same fountain, different direction. I caught the twin fountain across the street in Professor Huber Platz here, lining up the busiest area of the university at its quietest time. 
Ludwigstrasse, Munich: Night-time in any city is never truly night-time, and Munich is no exception. The warmth of the street lights belies the chill of the evening wind whipping down the street linking the university to the city centre.
Englischer Garten, Munich: A classic autumn shot – this sums up the season for me, weak sunlight just peeking through golden leaves.
Englischer Garten, Munich: The dark silhouettes of the trees contrast with the clarity of the fallen leaves in the foreground. The greens and browns are the classic palette of autumn.
Englischer Garten, Munich: I love the activity of this shot, the variety of people and what they’re doing: cycling, taking photos, strolling, chatting, walking dogs. It captures the vibrancy of the city and the calm buzz that pervades through the Englischer Garten.

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