LIFESTYLE: Mini Christmas | Student Living

It’s two weeks until Christmas, my favourite time of the year, and so it’s now stortyime of how I found my festive feeling.

In case it’s not clear from the rest of this blog, I am currently on my year abroad in Germany, the most festive country on earth. I’m not flying back to England until the 22nd December, and although outside my flat the Christmas markets and street lights are in full festive mode, I’m severely lacking in Christmas cheer in my room, and that’s just not okay.

Festive Munich streets

I saw these tiny Christmas trees for sale in Odeonsplatz the other day, and just couldn’t resist. How can anything be more perfect for a student’s space and finance restraints? Decoration-wise, I got resourceful and headed to Butler’s, a German homeware store and bought miniature baubles and 2 metres worth of red string. Working off a low budget, I also cut a pearl (obviously fake) necklace and used the string of white pearls as well.


Tying hoops into the string and threading the baubles on, I simultaneously made tinsel-esque decorations and a way of hanging the baubles on to the tree. The pearls settled on top of the red string, largely to hide the areas where the red thread didn’t quite stretch over the branches (resourceful is my middle name).


All in all, the tree ensemble cost me less than €15, and bought me a month of festive cheer. Result, if you ask me. To complete the whole room, I also put up my two advent calendars on the windowsill, and have my candles and fairy-lights almost permanently turned on. What more do you need?

Pretty proud, can’t lie


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