50BC: ‘A Book For Her’ – Bridget Christie

My New Year’s Resolution, of sorts, is the 50 Book Challenge. In case you couldn’t work it out, that means I want to read 50 books in a year, just under one a week. For mine, I’m not counting the books that I read for my degree, because that’s a cop-out. Having said that, it does mean that during term time when the grind is real and four non-challenge books need to be read minimum, the counter takes a hit. That’s why it’s the 13th January and I’ve only just finished my first. Nonetheless, it was a corker.


Bridget Christie’s A Book For Her is a truly excellent blend of comedy and feminist commentary. She artfully moves between fart jokes, light rants about Bic for her pens, and serious information about FGM (female genital mutilation) to create something that is both entertaining, educational, and motivational. I closed it feeling better informed about both the place of women in the world (despite being one, it’s remarkably easy to keep your head buried in the sand) and what we can do as individuals on an everyday basis to change that. Yet, throughout the duration of reading it, I never felt like I was being lectured or reading something designed to be discussed at a seminar that I will eventually doze off in.


Incorporating in personal tales of her growth as a comedian and role as a mother, Christie uses her own experiences of un-apologetically flatulent men in bookshops and yogurt adverts to encourage women to be powerful in their own right, even whilst reassuring us that “your activism is the right activism for you”. We can’t all be modern-day Emmerline Pankhursts, and we can’t all be hilarious award-winning comedians who write inspiring books. Bridget Christie taught me to incorporate feminist activism into my own life as and when I can, and I finished the book determined to make my own difference to gender equality in the world. That feeling alone is worth reading A Book For Her, but 2-4-1 – you also get an entertaining read that made me laugh out loud at least twice a chapter. Bargain, huh?

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