The Apple

Standing with a jaunty lean, the apple breaks tradition with colour. Neither green nor red, the yellow skin is spotted with brown freckles. Brown streaks stretch down from the top, reminiscent of a pre-teen boy’s fringe. The stalk grows tall, pointing straight up, whereas the rest of the apple sags to the right. It doesn’t look especially appetising, but rather like it would make for a good apple crumble or pie. Stewing it would be one way to avoid the sourness that always comes from lighter coloured apples.

There are larger marks interrupting the yellow skin as well. Perhaps it has been bumped
around in a backpack. Perhaps it just had a hard time starting out in life before it even got to the supermarket.

How do I even know it came from a supermarket? Perhaps Helmut is an avid apple-picker, he already knows that now is the prime time for apples. There is no sticker that I can see from my sideways angle. Shops might even be biased against this particular apple due to its unusual colour. I certainly am, being exclusive about my apple selection. I only eat reds.

The apple casts a shadow longer than it is wide in both directions from the fluorescent
overhead lights. The light from the window means the shadow in Avik’s direction is darker than Warda’s.

Although it looks clean, it does seem aged. No wrinkles can be seen from a few metres away but it is perhaps not as fresh as it could be. The skin looks almost like a banana’s in its disfigurements. Although I now feel instantly guilty for calling them disfigurements. I myself have moles and freckles, the poor apple didn’t choose to be judged in this way.
It seems remarkably small for a regular sized apple, sitting alone at the front of the room
under scrutiny. Even smaller when it gets passed around the room for closer inspection.

The brown markings on the top reach all the way down to base of the stem, which makes me think even more that it is somewhat past its prime.

I imagine the act of eating it. I think it would still be firm and crunchy but can’t imagine it would have much flavour. Where green apples are sour and red are sweet, this yellow
variety seems like it would sit somewhat averagely in between. I would predict that it
wouldn’t be overly juicy – something I would eat to avoid wasting it or because I was
particularly hungry on a long journey perhaps.

The biggest marking on the side of the apple has been facing me for the majority of the time that I’ve been studying it. A backwards letter ‘C’ curling around still more smaller brown dots makes me wonder how it got there. I’ve never thought this much about an apple. How do they get their markings? Are they bruises? Are they genetic? A combination?

There is another particularly dark marking at the base. It almost seems like a cut, a tiny gash taken out of the skin from afar. It’s a darker brown to both the freckles, the wannabe haircut markings and the backwards ‘C’. Does this make it a different type of marking?

I wonder who decides at what point an apple is too bruised or marked up for selling. Clearly this one made the cut in someone’s book, even if it’s not to my taste.

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