Rach Reviews: Rose’s Gold – A Comfort Food Cookbook

Upon first browsing through Rose’s Gold, I wasn’t aware how grateful I would be for a comfort food cookbook over the coming weeks. A rocky road for a range of reasons, having these easy-to-follow and delightfully tasty recipes to come back to at the end of a long day was a real treat.

It’s not every recipe book that makes cooking seem as easy as it should be. I have always been a firm believer that food and cooking should be a pleasure rather than a chore. Of course, we all have those days where all we want to do is throw a Pot Noodle together and collapse – but on the days where I find the time to cook for myself properly, the food from Rose’s Gold is just what I’m looking for.

Packed full with spicy takes on old classics, quick lunches, and delectable desserts (my personal favourites), there is something for everyone.

The recipe steps are broken down succinctly, so you’re not left staring confused at the page while something is burning on the stove behind you. The recipes left behind by the late Elma Rose helped me to make my first pastry from scratch (see pictures below for proof). Attempts I’ve made before normally result in soggy messes that end up completely falling apart in the oven – if they even make it that far.

Not with Rose’s Gold, though: my pastry held together, my filling was delicious, and dinner was served. Every time I come back to try a new recipe from Rose’s Gold, I meet with more and more success. As someone who is culinarily challenged, this is a first for me when it comes to trying out cookbooks.

Not only is the process of making the food a pleasure, but the end result is certainly a treat in itself. Rich and flavorful spice and herb combinations come together to make British-Jamaican fusions like I’d never tasted before. The fullness of the flavour smacks of the family recipes that are brought together in this recipe book: it’s the kind of food that if a kid would bring it into school, the rest of their classmates would stare on jealously while munching on their own lumpy sandwiches.

All in all, each section of the cookbook walks you through every step of the day, from breakfast to sweet evening treats. Minimalist recipe designs and full-page spreads for each dish make it perfect to cook from, as though Elma Rose was standing right alongside you. You can’t go wrong with Rose’s Gold.

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