Adobe Mixed Apps

I have written copy for Adobe Apps, such as Acrobat Reader and Adobe Scan, amongst others. This covers both in-app copy and text for the app store

Adobe Scan Short Descriptions

With a focus on saving time

CTA: Make the most of your time; scan receipts, forms and business cards on the move.

Short: Scan saves you time by taking your work digital.

Descriptive: Speed up your work day, with all your documents scanned and at your fingertips.

With safety as a focus

CTA: Keep all your documents safe with a paper scanner in your pocket.

Short: No loose papers; keep documents safe with Scan.

Descriptive: A mobile paper scanner keeps your documents where they should be: safe with you.

Acrobat Reader

Based on new ‘star to cloud’ feature

Long Version: View, edit, create, star and share PDFs to the Cloud and with others

Long Version with a focus on the new feature: View, edit, create, share PDFs, and now star them for quick Cloud access later 

Short Version: View, edit, create, share, and star PDFs for easy access later

Adobe Scan

Highlight the new “PDF clean up” feature

Long Version: Scan crystal-clear PDFs with ease and avoid mistakes with the clean-up feature

Long Version with a focus on the new feature: Avoid mistakes and scan crystal-clear PDFs with the new clean-up feature

Short Version: Scan, share, clean up, and annotate PDFs with ease

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