Past Work

My work in the past has covered a range of industries and niches, but with a clear focus on using the written word and visuals to communicate complex ideas to a broad audience.

Written Work

I have written for a wide range of publications on topics covering social equality, tech & innovation, and travel & lifestyle.

I edited and contributed regularly to Make Muse, where I was able to experiment with creative styles and reported features. I was also in charge of commissioning, tracking, and editing fifteen features per month from a team of fifteen writers across three timezones.

I have also created a range of content for travel app startup, YoorToors, which can be viewed on their blog page. In addition, I ran the Facebook and Instagram pages, including curating and publishing the #WhyDoWeTravel series. This series highlights diverse travel content creators who all bring a unique perspective to the world of travel. You can see some of the content shared for this series here.

As a copywriter for Phiture, a mobile growth consultancy based in Berlin, I developed a keen understanding of ASO (app search optimisation), as well as honed my concise use of language. Writing app store descriptions that include the key features while still sticking to a character limit proved my attention to detail and ability to write captivating yet conside copy. I also wrote a series of blog articles for Phiture, linked below:

A Round Table with Phiture’s Climate Team

Apple Search Ads Explained: A Day in the Life of ASA Lead Andrea Raggi

The Who, What, and Why of Phiture’s Monthly Learning Day

Social Media Management

I have over three years of experience in content marketing, including social media management.

From 2018-2019, I was in charge of the Facebook and Instagram accounts for SaaS, GotPhoto. I also managed both Facebook accounts for the repsective US and UK markets, with over 500 members combined. Here are a few examples of my content:

I also take care of all social media content for two wearable tech companies, Humanity Innovation Labs and Hybrid Research Computing. In my first few months, I developed a full brand kit and identity guidelines to separate the two companies from one another and assisted in the successful launch of a data app. Here are a few examples:


Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

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