Mixed experience between copywriting, marketing, and journalism have all come together to form my package of skills. Have a look at my range of work, from app store copywriting to event coverage to social media.

ASO, SEO & Copywriting

I love to write, but that will go nowhere if no one can see the words themselves. That’s why finding intuitive and effective ways to get your content to perform well and rank high on search engines is vital for the success of your copy and website. Count on me to not only write excellent copy, but also get it seen by your target audience.

Not linked above are well-researched reports on themes of tech and innovation and regular newsletters for incubator Springwise and regular blog content between the months of October 2018 to September 2019 for GotPhoto.

Event Coverage

I have reported on and curated both long-form and social media purposed video and text content across themes of digitalisation, politics, and technology. If you need an event covered, whether that is detailed interviews or impressions to show off the day, get in touch via the form below.

IGF 2019 saw a mix of text and video, covering opensourced apps and an interview with the Assistant Secretary General Hochschild. Finding stories on the ground and pulling interviews together on the spot proved my versatility and ability to take the initiative. Find some examples of the work I created here.

re:publica 2019 focused much more on the digital side of the internet than the politics, and so was therefore all video. See some of the interviews and impression videos I made to showcase the event here.

Social Media

I have managed professional social media accounts for both individuals and businesses. For example, I built up an engaged following organically and from scratch in under two weeks for Kollektiv.e. You can see some of my most recent work on all the accounts for Humanity Innovation Labs and Hybrid Research Computing.

I am comfortable and adept at working with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, as well as using scheduling platforms to better streamline your social media presence. Whether you need someone to step in and assist with an existing social media strategy, or to help you put one together from scratch, I am who you want by your side.

Let me find the words to further your goals.